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Gold Voucher Package by Gezow

John Simon owner of Online Shop ‘Bouquet Haven’

John Simon, owner of online retailer Bouquet Haven finds the use of the ‘Voucher Package’ is an attractive option for potential customers. He says that the voucher Package has played a big part of his company’s customer acquisition strategy. He uses the ‘Gold The Voucher Package’ for Gezow Newspaper which includes a voucher being created for his business and placed in 2 parts of Newspaper 1) the Voucher section of the Newspaper 2)The Garden Section – subsection Flowers.


He’s business is an online Flower shop so this package targets 2 types of customer base 1)People who Flock to the Voucher section of the Newspaper always looking for offers and 2)People who read the Garden Section and looking for inspiration for their gardens. He is able to reach potential customers perfectly.




He Says ‘We like working with Gezow the offer of vouchers through the Newspaper helps drive large volumes of sales. As a new business is imperative that we expand our reach and the Voucher Package is a great way of generating exposure,’ he says.



Services Package by Gezow


Lee Osteen owner of the South London Plumbers


Lee Osteen of the South London Plumbers Uses the Service Package to place his Ads.


Lee Osteen says, ‘as a Small business owner he only wants to focus on clients. Advertising can be very expensive and ineffective. He currently advertises on a Classified ads website well known in the UK, but he has been looking for other avenues to add to his weekly Advertising, but nothing expensive. He was driving and saw the Ad near the traffic light, he visited the website and saw the Self serve section and the Packages. The next morning he called, he decided to go with the Service Package he didn’t want to worry about where to place his Ads, Marketing Genius UK place all his ads in the Newspaper, and sends his an email of his ad placements. He also uses the Packages from Classified Lane Newspaper, which targets the High networth Clients. He has never been able to reach such clients before. A combination of both Gezow Newspaper and Classified Lane have really helped his business.




Retail Package by Gezow


Gary Baker owner of a dog food Company


Gary Baker of dog food company Pooches Post introduced ‘Pooches Post’ uses the retail Package to drive customers. His Ad is placed in the Pet section and in the 3rd page of the Newspaper.




Baker says, ‘The Retail Package by Gezow ‘ are a great way to get customers. Especially in an age where everything is done digitally we noticed that our Ads online are not as effective as they used to be, we find that the ads in the Newspaper deliver great results and value for money.


This has a great impact on customer growth. Our Ads are managed by Marketing Genius UK and they run our Ads in Gezow every 2 weeks Baker adds. We instructed them to change the Products being advertised one week we advertise natural treats and healthy supplements, and the second week we advise branded jumpers and caps for the Pooches.



Tim Watson , general manager at Pooches Post says that we love that we Can easily access the Packages anytime. When we first Contacted Gezow We used the Selfserve option to place our Ad in the Gezow Newspaper directly but decided to Use the Packages being offered by Ad agency Marketing Genius UK we wanted more responses and They use hyper-local targeting via Print Ads.


Deluxe Services Package by Gezow


Sam Cook Lawyer


Sam Cook a lawyer with two law offices one in North London and the Second in Greenwich London uses Gezow Newspaper to Advertise his law firm.



He says ‘We use the Deluxe package it works well for us and we will continue to advertise with them’



International Companies

Some International Companies also use Gezow to Advertise their products and Services to a UK Audience


Placing an Ad in Gezow Newspaper is a great medium for International companies looking for avenues to reach a UK Audience. Marketing Genius UK has An International Package for Companies wanting to place a one off ad or establish a presence in the UK. International Companies tend to combine Advertising in Both Gezow Newspaper and Classified Lane News Magazine to reach more people.