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Print Advertisement – Local Newspaper (*SPECIAL OFFER*) Classified Ads Section

***Please Note the Offers on this Page are for Booking the Classifiedads Section of the Paper, The Classifiedads Section is Located towards the backpages of the Newspaper…….. SEE SAMPLE OF HOW YOUR ADS WILL BE Displayed BELOW …………….***TO Place your Ad in Other Sections in the paper Click Here to See




ONE TIME Offer (1 Month ad Space) £35

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ONE TIME OFFER (3 MONTHS Ad space) £32 a Month

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6 MONTHS Ad Space (£31 a Month)

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1 YEAR Subscription (cancel anytime) £25 a month

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To Book your Ad Space on Gezow News Click Any of the Offers Above to Pay for your Ad space After payment Send your Ad details to
Or Call 07402707825 The Print Membership Team can Assist you.

Promote your Products, Services, Make Announcements, sell Cars, Advertise property, Sell your Vouchers, Restaurant Deals, Courses, Find roommates etc we can create a Print Advertising Campaigns that resonates with your Local Audience.

There are lots of different options for you to choose from when looking at Print Ads. Print advertising can still be a very helpful tool for spreading word about your products or services. Print advertising is also responsible for one third of the entire business-to-business market in Britain.

Gezow Classifieds Ads Magazine offers Businesses the opportunity to place Local classifieds ads at Low Cost rate
to promote a full range of products, goods and services.

The circulation of Gezow News Makes it a very effective form of marketing as the Classified Newspaper hits a huge amount of people.

Website Advertising and Print Advertisement
As a business you can combine both forms of Advertising.
This is an excellent way for you to reach even larger numbers of people.
You are also able to focus in on your target AUDIENCE, any other extra clients you get are the unexpected benefits of organic marketing.

Gezow News is Free and distributed In the UK at the moment Monthly.

The adverts in Gezow News are cheaper and local UK. They are distributed in Houses, local hairdressers, restaurants, other businesses etc. They normally work well and are good at raising profiles in very specific areas. It is a great advertising medium to growing a profile business and reaching Customers.

For Print Ads Click Here to see Ad Options Available, You can Book your Ad Spot in Gezow News After Payment, Follow Instructions or Call 07402707825 And be directed to the Print Ads Team, they can help.