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lcdund February 11, 2021

Newspaper Advertising

How Newspaper Advertising results in Purchasing decisions. A study carried out in a Small town Showed 81% of participants said newspaper inserts motivated them with their buying decisions.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is still one of the most effective forms of advertising in the UK,press ads can be Expensive but also have affordable options and for most campaigns the results will often very strong.


What are the Advantages of Newspaper Advertising?

Advertisers who are cutting back on newspaper advertising are missing out and will continue to Miss out. Despite all the attention that digital media receives, wealthy participants are far more likely to use printed newspapers than any other media channel.


The bombardment of ridiculous and hard to believe Social media Ads. Consumers are now trying to avoid them by installing Ad Blockers on their web browsers.

Advertisements in the newspaper is viewed as more believable and trustworthy than any other form of media.

Research showed 75% of small-town residents read their local paper at least one time per week. 82% said newspapers were their main source for information about local news

 Millennials are attached to their phones and mobile devices, However they mainly choose print newspapers and magazines when looking for  Savings such as Vouchers, promotions, and deals.

Newspaper Advertising results in Purchasing Action. A study carried out found 86% of adults acted upon a coupon or call to visit a brand’s local store after seeing a newspaper ad in the past month. More than half of these consumers made a purchase from the call to action.


Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

The  lockdowns and general fear have local businesses spending a lot more time developing their websites and driving traffic to them.


” I placed an Ad in the newspaper that cost me £85  increased my business by 80% the following month” I placed a Coupon for my Food delivery home business and I was surprised by the huge increase in Customers” As a result I have now booked that space for 3 months.

Suzanne From South East London


Advertisers are looking for avenues that will work while they launch their next campaign. Their biggest interest currently is ‘being found’ on the internet and customers buying their products and services or other ‘interaction.

We Understand that marketing budgets are under a lot of pressure .

Radio, TV, newspapers and outdoor are currently seen as expensive and less measurable. ’ so we’ve seen sustained or increased spending for social media, SEM/SEO, direct mail, and email.


How to Advertise in Local Newspaper UK? 

In the UK Press and newspaper advertising is still common with a range of industries. This is because a great many people buy and read newspapers on a daily basis. Newspaper and press ads are a great way to get your business name out also to promote new and existing products in the public eye.


Newspaper advertising has been around for centuries and has certainly stood the test of time!

Whenever you open a newspaper you will find adverts for a full range of products, events, concerts and services; everything from  toys, plumbing businesses to betting websites, cars to clothes, – the list is endless.


“After my Advert appeared in the Newspaper with a Cut clear message which was designed by Marketing Genius UK. The advert was Clear about what Service I provide my Clients. After placing the Ad in Gezow Newspaper for 3 weeks I noticed my Client List started to grow and after the 4 week I had to employ someone else to as I couldn’t do all the new jobs myself anymore”.

John Richards  runs a Gardening company in Kent

Costs of regional newspaper advertising can offer value for money as they can hit a target audience very effectively.


Local Newspapers Advertising UK

Most areas of the UK have their own main newspapers, examples of these include:


The Birmingham Mail

Gezow Newspaper

London Evening Standard

Manchester Evening News

Classified Lane

Glasgow Evening Times

Bristol Post

Brighton Argus

Liverpool Echo


These are newspapers which are daily, Weekly or Monthly and have high circulation in their own town and cities, these are good for a local target audience and they often cover national news as well as local stories.


This kind of print marketing e.g. if you are advertising an Event, business services, Takeaways, selling products in London you would use Gezow News, a special offer for Takeaway Chain  in London, Birmingham, Manchester around the UK you would use Classified Lane etc.


Products which have an online presence also work very well in main local newspaper adverts.


Local Newspaper Advertising Near Me

People are used to it, they know what to expect from it and how to works. Depending on your target audience, it might be wiser to skip digital marketing and go straight for traditional.

It is seen as more ‘real’ Studies have shown Time and time again that traditional media such as advertisements on newspapers, flyers etc physical medium are considered to be more ‘real’ because people can ‘touch’ and ‘see it’.

Which Results in Action.


How to Get Started with Newspaper Advertising? 

Still not Sure of how to get started with your Newspaper Advertising we List a few Newspapers and Marketing Experts that can help you get started immediately. You can Get your Advert in the Newspaper in as little as  3 days


Gezow Newspaper Selfserve Book your Ad Space


Classified Lane Book Your Ad Space


Marketing Genius UK view Services, Packages and Book your Ad space