Free Local classified ads | Advertising for Small Businesses

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Free Local classified ads | Advertising for Small Businesses

For a lot of Small businesses Free Advertising and Low cost Advertising are the most Sort out searches in terms of Advertising.

The main Goals for Small Businesses is to Get their Products and service in front of a targeted audience. According to simply business  small businesses  must work out what they are trying to achieve. If they are trying to increase sales of a specific product? Or want to boost brand awareness? Break into a new market?Once they define their goals they can build tailored campaign that works.

How ever for majority of Small businesses we have found their main goal tend to lean more towards Getting Customers to buy or use their Services as fast as possible.

They currently achieve this via Classified Ads websites, Social Media platform, Placing Ads in Local Papers or Magazines.  The goal is to reach their target audience from the comfort of their computer or cell phone.


We will discuss How these 5 Business Owners. Placed their Ads in Front of their Target Audience. They used a Combination of Classified advertising and Local Newspapers. We show you the process of how they were able to gain new customers and Launch new Businesses.


Danny O’brien 

Location: South East London 

Business : Plumber, Handyman, Gardener 

Adverting Mediums:#Gezow WEBSITE (Homepage Featured),# Local Print ads

Budget : £35

Goal : Target Customer in Houses



Kim Deragera

Location: Sevenoaks Kent 

Business : Mobile Nail Salon (New Business) 

Adverting Mediums: Gezow website, Local Print ads

Budget : £25

Goal : Customers



Amir Hassa

Location : Essex 

Business : Dentist (business running 5 years) 

Adverting Mediums: Classified ads website, Local Print ads

Budget : £70

Goal : Advertise Half price Vouchers



Chloe Peterson

Location Essex 

Business : Ecommerce Jewellery Website (business running 1 year 2 months) 

Adverting Mediums: (Gezow website, Local Print ads

Budget : £55

Goal : Sales



James Dibden

Location: Leicester

Business : Consultation (business running 7 months) 

Adverting Mediums: # Gezow website (Homepage Featured, #Local Print ads

Budget : £80

Goal : Brand awareness




Nicholas Taylor 

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Business : Travel Hotel (business running 8 years ) 

Adverting Mediums: # Gezow website (Homepage Featured, #Local Print ads)

Budget : £170

Goal : Bookings



Do you have a Product or service that you want to Advertise?




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